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  • CSI 2140 : Everyone can have an expert tool !

  • Wi-care : The flexible spectral and temperature wireless transmitter.

  • Wake up your sensor… Our team is listenning.


Portable Vibration Analyzer

Vibration analysis is considered as the most advanced tool in predictive maintenance ...


Online systems and sensors

Use a monitoring system to continuously check your equipment ...


Ultrasound devices

Detect all your gas leaks in your company ...


Laser alignment

Check the alignment of your equipment to avoid any premature degradation of your equipment ...

infrared camera

Infrared camera

Many mechanical or electrical failures generate heat, just see it ...


Oil analyzer

Oil analysis of a lubricated machine gives a lot of information on its health ...


The challenges the industry is facing are great. I am glad I can take part in making the industry produce better with fewer resources and ensure quality products throughout their processes ...

Cosme Somogyi, I-care, Belgium
Research and Development engineer

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Vibration analysis of supply vessel propulsion.

Maintworld. Jan 2013.

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I-Care in the field

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A picture is worth than a thousand words. You'll find here pictures of all these tools and some application on the field.

I-Care, specialized in predictive maintenance and reliability, works with the leader of each technology to offer you the most efficient tools on today's industrial market. Furthermore, based on focusing on a continuous improvement philosophy, I-Care is developing its own tools to propose you with a complete customized solution for each company and each project.